Professional connections.

Professional service with a Personal touch

HSC Financial Advisers is a privately owned boutique independent financial planning company.  We pride ourselves on offering a professional service with a personal touch. By being wholly independent we are free to provide unbiased advice to our clients without being restricted to certain types of products, solutions or life companies and investment providers. 

Our heritage and independence are very important to us, as they give us the experience and freedom to work with clients that have a wide range of needs, ranging from the relatively straightforward to the highly complex, and for those just starting their journey to clients that have already amassed sizeable financial resources. 

We believe that we can add significant value both to your client’s financial and personal wellbeing along the way, and we welcome the opportunity to become a trusted partner to you and your clients both now and in the future. 

We seek committed business partners who share our passion for exceeding client expectations.  

Finding the right professional partners is as important to us as our clients.   We want to be confident that our partners share our values and our client commitment to Protect what matters to them, Grow their wealth in order to allow them to Thrive.

Your client. Their family. Their business.

The client is at the centre of what we do Protection can take the form of relevant insurance policies should the worst happen to them or their business.
We work with them to ensure that their affairs are in order within an appropriate legal and accountancy framework.

Your client’s wealth. Their assets. Their Income.

HSC Financial Advisers profice a truly independent offering. We have a Centralised Investment Proposition in place to help your clients to achieve their medium to long term goals. They will benefit from the flexibiliity and freedom to move investments within the proposition without commitment to one organisation.

Financial Freedom. Securing your clients future. In their lifestyle.

We are committed to working with your clients to meet their lifestyle needs.
This could be in the form of mortgage or releasing money to help achieve financial freedom. Setting goals is the first step to success which will provide focus and direction. That’s where we can help.

Are you committed to your client prosperity?

HSC Financial Advisers can work with you to strengthen your client relationships. Our approach is simple and flexible keeping clients’ at the heart of what we do.  Our aim is always to protect their assets, grow their wealth and ensure that they are able to thrive, now and in the future.

Following a six step plan, we take time to understand clients’ needs, goals and preferences, before we make any recommendations.

We are looking for committed business partners who share our passion for exceeding client expectations.  Partners who can help our clients and who recognise the value in what we can offer theirs.  If this sounds like you then please get in touch.

Contact us at or on 020 8540 7062 for more information.