What are your goals and targets for the year ahead?

Goals and targest for the year ahead

As we approach the end of the year, we start to look to 2024 and consider our goals and targets for the year ahead. Your financial adviser maybe approaching you, as we are our clients, about an Annual Financial Review. For us at HSC Financial Advisers, meeting with clients at this time of year is […]

Are you in your 50s and looking to maximise your earnings?

Are you in your 50s and looking to maximise your earnings?

A crucial decade: financial planning in your 50s Maximising your earnings or laying down a robust financial plan As you sail into your 50s, it becomes pivotal to consider your financial strategy. Life has likely found a steady rhythm by now. Children have probably taken flight, becoming financially self-sufficient, and the idea of reducing work […]

Professional financial advice, where’s the value?

Professional financial advice, where's the value?

Making more informed decisions about money leads to better financial health in the long run. We readily trust medical professionals with our health and legal professionals with complex legal matters. Yet, some people hesitate when seeking advice on financial matters. So, why might this be? Where is the value in professional financial advice? Firstly, finance […]